New Pathways is a training and immersion program for non-profit organizations in a local community who are seeking to advance their development of innovative strategies and strengthen adaptive leadership. 

Designed in partnership with a local host agency, the New Pathways program is designed to enable the growth of participating organizations' adaptive capacity. The program is structured around a combination of four different components:

  1. A sequence of hands-on Workshops led by EmcArts facilitators, taking place either in-person or virtually
  2. Participant-led Community Convenings or Participant Forums designed by a guiding group of program participants
  3. On-site Coaching for a selection of the participating organizations, as follow-up to the Workshops
  4. The opportunity for an individually facilitated "deep dive" into Incubating Innovation around a particular project

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To learn more about the New Pathways program, please contact Louise Brooks, Manager of Local Programs, at

Current Programs

New Pathways | Alaska

Funding Partner: Rasmuson Foundation
Program Partners: The Foraker Group, Alaska State Council on the Arts

This recently launched program will work with arts and cultural organizations across the state of Alaska to accelerate innovation and advance capacity for adaptive change.

Diverging from the format of previous New Pathways programs, those in New Pathways | Alaska will participate in 9 Workshops with EmcArts staff via virtual learning technology. Additionally, organizations will gather in Anchorage for three face-to-face Participant Forums, which provide opportunities for shared learning, peer-to-peer exchange, and development of collaborative initiatives. 

In partnership with facilitators from the Foraker Group, New Pathways | Alaska organizations will explore ideas, approaches, and topics from the Workshops in on-site coaching sessions throughout late 2014 and early 2015.

To learn more about New Pathways | Alaska, click here or download the Press Release.

Participating Organizations: 

Alaska Humanities Forum
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Alutiiq Museum
Anchorage Concert Association
Anchorage Symphony Orchestra
Island Institute
Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council
Kodiak Arts Council
Perseverance Theatre
Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center

To read more about New Pathways | Alaska participants, click here.

New Pathways for Arts Development | New York City

Funding Partners: The New York Community Trust & Booth Ferris Foundation

This program was developed to engage with the adaptive challenges of organizations in New York City that do not primarily produce or present art, but rather provide services in support of the ongoing development of an arts discipline, its organizations and practitioners, or of a particular area of arts activities (defined, for instance, geographically, or by theme -- such as arts and disability). Given the wide and diffuse range of organizations of these types, we call them collectively "arts development agencies."

New Pathways for Arts Development | New York City was created to support arts development agencies in identifying significant adaptive challenges, strengthening internal cultures that foster innovation, and generating shared learning and peer-to-peer exchange around the sector's current challenges and opportunities.

Participating Organizations:

Asian American Arts Alliance
American Indian Artists Inc. (AMERINDA)
Brooklyn Arts Council
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) *
CUE Art Foundation
Fourth Arts Block (FAB) *
Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA)
Lower East Side Printshop
National Guild for Community Arts Education
Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA)
New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
Queens Council on the Arts
Staten Island Arts *
Third World Newsreel (TWN)

* indicates organizations participating in the Incubating Innovation program